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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject RE: [New Task Proposal] cvsstickytag
Date Wed, 12 May 2004 19:36:35 GMT
> From: Todd Parnell []
> The following task extracts the current cvs sticky tag information from
> a file and puts the value into a user-specified property.  We use it
> internally as information displayed in an About... box.  Is this useful
> enough for inclusion in the standard distribution?

You can already extract the same info with pure Ant, as shown below,
so maybe this snippet should just be put in the FAQ.

Maybe a more generic <cvsinfo> or <cvsstatus> task, which would possibly
recurse a tree and check things could go into Ant. --DD

PS: Doesn't recurse, and just assumes a per-module sticky tag.
PPS: <loadfile> requires the 'srcfile' to exists. Adding failonerror
     false and setting a property to HEAD allows to always sets the
     tag property, whether CVS/Tag exists or not.
PPPS: Actually, you get back Ttagname, not tagname ;-)

    <loadfile property="module" srcfile="${head}/CVS/Repository">

    <loadfile property="tag" srcfile="${branch}/CVS/Tag">

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