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From Peter Reilly <>
Subject Re: Ant 1.6.2 release?
Date Thu, 27 May 2004 15:07:44 GMT

I would like to do:

1) implicit element for macrodef
     move from head to 1.6 branch

2) DynamicElementNS
     move from head to 1.6 branch

3) Allow nested elements discovered by refection on to be
    in the ant default namespace uri as well as the task's/types 
namespace uri
    (the current rules are difficult to follow and make build scripts
     look like line noise  :-(    aka xml ns hell)

    <ac:for param="file">
        <ac:fileset dir="${test.dir}/mains" includes="*.c,*.cpp"/>
        <ac:pathelement path="${test.dir}/probeoffline/probeoffline.cpp"/>
        <ac:pathelement path="src/shell/probesh.cpp"/>
        <ac:pathelement path="test/shell/TestProbesh.cpp"/>
        <ac:pathelement path="test/probed/TestProbed.cpp"/>
        <ac:pathelement path="test/pcapanon/pcapanon.cpp"/>
        <compile-exec-file file="@{file}"/>

4) Fix the Xml validation with scheam
     currently the unit test  does not  enable  validation

5) Fix or at least document support for tomcat 5.0 jsp

Other things - maybe after 1.6.2

 1)  the antlibresolve task
 2)  concat support for binary files
 3)  fix some classloading issues:
      this does two things, a) set the parent classloader in 
      - most likely a good thing and b) search parent classloaders for 
      - most likely this will cause BC problems.
  4) search paths for the import task
  5) add delete on exit feature to the <delete> task - needed to antlib devl
      on windows
  6) add a do not follow symbolic links option to <delete> task


Stefan Bodewig wrote:

>On Thu, 27 May 2004, Ben Sommerville <> wrote:
>>About a month ago there was some discussion of a 1.6.2 release.
>>Has this been shelved?
>>If not is there a timeframe?
>Unfortunately it looks to have slipped again, thanks for pushing.
>Dear committers, do you think we can get a list of "must-get-fixed"
>reports by some fixed date - say end of next week?  After that we
>could freeze features and start rolling a first beta as soon as the
>list is "done".
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