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From Claas Thiele <>
Subject Re: Possible Enhancements to <description> datatype, Introducing <annotation>
Date Sun, 02 May 2004 08:00:48 GMT
Jose Alberto Fernandez wrote:
> I think we are streaching the meaning of <description>
> way beyond what is what defined for.
> <description> is used by -projecthelp to generate online help
> on a terminal console. It was not conceived as a javados style facility.
> If we want to provide something like <xdoc> or <antdoc> to ducument
> ANT buildfiles, Then I think we should go for a diferent kind of
> element using the new facilityes that can allow retrieving XML
> fragments.
> Jose Alberto

Looking at the source I see <description> was intended to be the 
description for the project only.

There is an enhancement request in bugzilla now: ID 28729

It introduce an <annotation> element that can take place overall in a 
buildfile where regular elements are possible too. <annotation> will be 
ignored totally with all attributes, text nodes and nested elements by 
Ants build processing.

Patch and test/example files are attached to the bug report.

Would be nice to see this in one of the next Ant releases.

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