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From Steve Cohen <>
Subject Fwd: [ANNOUNCEMENT][NET] jakarta-commons/net 1.2 Released
Date Sat, 01 May 2004 19:20:51 GMT
With the release of jakarta-commons/net 1.2, I would like to propose that Ant 
update its use of commons/net to use this new version in time for the next 
version which I see is being discussed.  

Doing so should greatly reduce the incidence of complaints about the FTP task 
when run against non-unix servers.  1.2 automatically detects the server 
type, recognizing, in addition to unix, which was supported in all previous 
versions, NT, OS2, VMS and OS400 servers.

This functionality will work out of the box if this version of commons-net is 

I will also be preparing a patch that would enable parsers that cannot be 
autodetected, including user-developed FTP list parsers, to be plugged into 
the ant task.

There is also some verbiage under the FTP task that should be changed to 
reflect this.
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