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From Peter Reilly <>
Subject Re: [Container|Composite]Mapper
Date Wed, 21 Apr 2004 08:17:59 GMT

Hi Matt,
The names used for the typedefs "globmapper" etc
are ok to be used in a global context - i.e. it is obvious
that they are mapper types, so they do not need to
restrict the name to a FileMapper context.
So my feeling (now) is that should be in ant 1.6.2.

As regards the name, I used "containermapper" to be
consistent with "globmapper" et al.  However
I have been known to use odd names at times (NewInterfaceManager2
is one I made at work).

Thanks for updating the doc for macrodef, esp the text element!.

Matt Benson wrote:

>To rehash yet again, Peter, do I understand you
>correctly to NOT have a problem with this going into
>1.6.2, with the understanding that as the dynamic
>stuff evolves, the advised usage pattern on mappers
>can/will change?  Or was there a reason you wanted to
>keep any hint of this out of a 1.6.x version?  If not,
>I'd like to go ahead and merge it to the 1.6 branch...
>before that happens we should hopefully resolve any
>conflict regarding the name of it... I personally am
>glad enough to have it under any name... so any
>conflict is (so far) between you and Stefan on that
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