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Subject cvs commit: ant/docs/manual/CoreTasks import.html
Date Thu, 29 Apr 2004 10:14:17 GMT
peterreilly    2004/04/29 03:14:17

  Modified:    docs/manual/CoreTasks Tag: ANT_16_BRANCH import.html
  Revision  Changes    Path
  No                   revision
  No                   revision   +4 -8      ant/docs/manual/CoreTasks/import.html
  Index: import.html
  RCS file: /home/cvs/ant/docs/manual/CoreTasks/import.html,v
  retrieving revision
  retrieving revision
  diff -u -r1.6.2.7 -r1.6.2.8
  --- import.html	16 Apr 2004 22:49:09 -0000
  +++ import.html	29 Apr 2004 10:14:17 -0000
  @@ -62,12 +62,6 @@
   Note that "builddocs" is not the filename, but the name attribute
   present in the imported project tag.<br />
   <br />
  -<b>Important</b>: We have not finalized how relative file references
  -will be resolved in deep/complex build hierarchies -such as what
  -happens when an imported file imports another file. Use absolute
  -references for enhanced build file stability, especially in the
  -imported files.<br />
  -&nbsp;<br />
   <table border="1" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0">
  @@ -81,7 +75,9 @@
         <td valign="top">
  -        The file to import.
  +        The file to import. If this is a relative file name, the file name will be resolved
  +        relative to the <i>importing</i> file. <b>Note</b>, this
is unlike most other
  +        ant file attributes, where relative files are resolved relative to ${basedir}.
         <td valign="top" align="center">Yes</td>
  @@ -90,7 +86,7 @@
         <td valign="top">
  -        if true, do not issue stop the build if the file does not exist,
  +        If true, do not stop the build if the file does not exist,
           default is false.
         <td valign="top" align="center">No</td>

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