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From Peter Reilly <>
Subject Re: nested elements in antlibs
Date Wed, 31 Mar 2004 11:39:05 GMT
That should work, at least it does for me:

  <presetdef name="myls">
    <apply executable="ls">
      <arg value="-l"/>

in an antlib at package test
and used:
<project xmlns:t="antlib:test">
      <t:fileset dir="."/>

Matt Benson wrote:

>I am finding that I cannot define the following in an
><presetdef name="myexecutable">
>  <apply executable="myexecutable">
>    <arg value="-f" />
>  </apply>
>and reference it with a namespace, due to the fact
>that the nested elements keep the default namespace,
>even using the <myexecutable xmlns="">
>notation.  Since presets are pre-created, I guess I
>can understand how this is happening... should it
>continue to happen?  Am I missing an obvious
>workaround other than loading the antlib via a
><typedef> and no ns?
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