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From Peter Reilly <>
Subject Re: What do you think about a <classloader> task ?
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2004 13:19:57 GMT
There was some discussion about Costin's classloader task for the 1.6


Rainer Noack wrote:

>Hi Ant developers,
>After taskdef supports the loaderref attribute, I've 
>written a task that is able to 
>a) append classpath entries to existing classloaders, 
>b) explicitely create classloaders,
>c) put the actual path of a classloader into a property and
>d) log a simple report about the currently classloaders.
>Currently it supports URLClassLoader and AntClassLoader. It is 
>designed to simply support custom extensions for any arbitrary 
>I've posted it some time ago - a little rash (sorry) - to this list.
>However, as classpathes can completely managed from inside the build.xml, 
>this task has helped in several projects
>1. to avoid the need to either change Ant's default installation 
>   by adding or removing jars to or from Ant's lib dir 
>   or manage the classpath in the launching script and
>2. to avoid classpath-problems with custom tasks 
>   (especially if they should - for whatever reason - be used 
>    as jars in the same buildfile as they were created).
>b) and c) can be used to easily sync other task's classpathes and 
>d) was helpful to debug some classpath problems and understand classloader
>behaviour ;-)
>When I found a similar Classloader task in Ant's CVS (originally from 
>Costin Manolache), I was wondering that it was never advanced and released.
>IMHO, a <classloader> task would be a pretty helpfull extension to the 
>existing alternatives for some usage. 
>Are there reasons for not releasing it?
>I would be grateful for a short annotation (found nothing in the list
>Otherwise, I would be proud to contribute the task to Ant if you find it
>helpful too.
>Regards (and excuse me for the long mail),
>P.S. Adding this task to the external task list is dissatisfying IMHO,
>as it shoots the major advantage (1.) down.
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