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From Mariano Benitez <>
Subject Re: import task from a resource
Date Thu, 25 Mar 2004 22:01:20 GMT
if you mean this:

 >> quote <<
Imported files are treated as they are present in the main buildfile. 
This makes it easy to understand, but it makes it impossible for them to 
reference files and resources relative to their path. Because of this, 
for every imported file, Ant adds a property that contains the path to 
the imported buildfile. With this path, the imported buildfile can keep 
resources and be able to reference them relative to its position.

 >> <<

I can live without it, I mean, if you import a file from a resource, 
don't add the "ant.imported.file" property that and make all references 
to the original basedir.


Matt Benson wrote:

>--- Mariano Benitez <> wrote:
>>that is way too much, I wanted a simpler solution
>>FOR ME, not for the 
>>import task.
>>Anyway, the basedir attribute, isn't inherited from
>>the importing build?
>No, see <import>'s manual page...
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