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From Peter Reilly <>
Subject Re: Poor support for selectors
Date Fri, 12 Mar 2004 16:13:27 GMT
Dominique Devienne wrote:

>>From: Peter Reilly []
>>This is a known problem with beanshell 2.0b1.
>Peter, since you seem to keep on top of Java scripting,
>do you know what's the status of BeanShell? Last time
>I looked, the source code for 2.0b1 was never checked
>in to their CVS repo, and it's been a few months now
>since 2.0b1 with nothing since...
>Far from ideal in the OSS world to use a source-less JAR.
There is a source tar file for the 2.0b1 release.

The last comment from Pat on the beanshell list was:


On Wed, Jan 14, 2004 at 04:45:53PM -0500, David Fogel wrote:

>> I'm interested in getting a better understanding of the current status 
>> and future roadmap of the BeanShell project.  Both the website and the 

Hi David,

The BeanShell project has been in a bit of a lull since the 2.0 beta release a
few months ago.  You are correct that the project does tend to block on me and
that is something I hope to finally address this year.

Let me tell you what's up at the moment.

I am currently participating and representing BeanShell in the expert group
for JSR-223, the javax.script API for the Java Community Process.  That is
going well and is very interesting.  I have also submitted a proposal for a
BeanShell talk at this year's JavaOne conference.  If that gets picked up I
hope I can get many of you to attend.  Finally, I am fishing around a proposal 
for a BeanShell book, which I'd like to do soon.

I am getting feedback on the 2.0 beta and hope to have a final release by this
summer...  certainly if we have a JavaOne talk.

To try to correct the blockage problem and allow for more neat stuff to appear
faster I have been considering creating a "sandbox" version of BeanShell and
giving a wide group of developers access to commit to it in CVS...  There we
could try out new stuff and see how it goes.

I am not sure if my emphasis on keeping BeanShell small and up to some
arbitrary measure of tidiness has been the best thing for it.  I hope to gauge
interest from the JCP and the BeanShell community this year and find the best
path to keep BeanShell growing.

Of course everything will remain open and hopefully keep improving.

I think given our track record (BeanShell has been around since 1997) we can
say for certain that BeanShell is here to stay...  It's just a matter of how 
fast we can improve it in the future.


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