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From "Jack J. Woehr" <>
Subject Re: Antidote
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2004 08:04:12 GMT
Christoph Wilhelms wrote:

> If the Subject starts with
> [Antidote] I'll see it definately. I'll test that definately and a
> committ is very probable.

Okay, as soon as possible I'll dust things off and submit.

> One mission of Antidote is to cover as many of Ant's features as
> possible, and now that we hav macro support in Ant, Antidote should make
> that - somehow - easy usable. I have nothing conkrete in my mind.
> Brobably something like a scriptng wizard using the prepared Wizard
> framework, or a code editor with synax highlighting and code
> completion... And of course everything as small as possible to keep
> Antidote small and fast :-).

Well, there's really a lot of work to do here.

  1. I was working on being able to set properties when running Ant from Antidote.
  2. Then there is general issue of Wizards for which there is a sparse framework in place
in the extant code base.
       1. E.g., your project wizard.
  3. Then there's the question of simple functional features:
       1. Keeping up with Ant.
       2. Another user mentioned on the mailing list that he can't set an 'id' attribute in

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