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From Peter Reilly <>
Subject Re: taskdefs inside an antlib and their classpath
Date Mon, 08 Mar 2004 08:56:26 GMT
Hi Mariano,
You are right that one can specify the classpath within an antlib,
and it is incorrectly silently ignored.

There would be a problem with using properties as one would need
to be very carefull to specify them before the antlib auto reading
is triggered.

With the current ant implementation you can achieve most of what you want
by using an <typedef/> with the resource and uri attributes, and hide this
in an imported file:

<project xmlns:nytask="antlib:net.sf.nytasker">
   <property name="nytasker.dir" location="${user.home}/apps/nytasker/dist"/>
   <import file="${nytasker.dir}/nytasker.xml"/>
   <nytask:jmessage message="Press Yes to continue"/>

Where nytasker.xml looks something like this:

<project name="nytasker">
   <typedef resource="net/sf/nytasker/antlib.xml" 
           <fileset dir="${nytasker.dir}/lib" includes="*.jar"/>     


Mariano Benitez wrote:

> would it be very crazy to add a classpath atlibdefinition that would 
> add jars to the antlib classpath instead of getting ALL the jars from 
> a directory.
> My problem is that I would like to keep only the task definitions in 
> the antlib directory and the other dependent jars in a common lib 
> directory with other jars that should not be loaded by the antlib 
> class loader. Besides, the files location is defined based on 
> properties, I cannot know that location when ant starts.
> I will investigate a bit on that to see if it is easy to implement 
> another antlibdefinition class for this.
> MAriano
> Mariano Benitez wrote:
>> Hi!
>>    Is it possible to define another classpath for a task definition 
>> inside an antlib?
>> I've read the Definer class and if it is inside an antlib, it uses 
>> that classloader instead of creating a new one with the additional jars.
>> Is this desired behaviour? if it is, you should log a warning saying 
>> that whatever you define as classpath in an antlib.xml is not 
>> considered.
>> Otherwise, I will report the bug :)
>> MAriano
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