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From "Robert Smith" <>
Subject RE: What do you think about a <classloader> task ?
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2004 11:19:43 GMT
Hi Rainer,

How did you manage to post your code?

I tried to do the same awhile back, but wouldn't accept a zip
attachment, and when I attached the java files individually, it stripped
them all out of the email - leaving only text files...



-----Original Message-----
From: Rainer Noack [] 
Sent: 29 March 2004 11:59
Subject: What do you think about a <classloader> task ?

Hi Ant developers,

After taskdef supports the loaderref attribute, I've 
written a task that is able to 

a) append classpath entries to existing classloaders, 
b) explicitely create classloaders,
c) put the actual path of a classloader into a property and
d) log a simple report about the currently classloaders.

Currently it supports URLClassLoader and AntClassLoader. It is 
designed to simply support custom extensions for any arbitrary 
I've posted it some time ago - a little rash (sorry) - to this list.

However, as classpathes can completely managed from inside the build.xml, 
this task has helped in several projects
1. to avoid the need to either change Ant's default installation 
   by adding or removing jars to or from Ant's lib dir 
   or manage the classpath in the launching script and
2. to avoid classpath-problems with custom tasks 
   (especially if they should - for whatever reason - be used 
    as jars in the same buildfile as they were created).

b) and c) can be used to easily sync other task's classpathes and 
d) was helpful to debug some classpath problems and understand classloader
behaviour ;-)

When I found a similar Classloader task in Ant's CVS (originally from 
Costin Manolache), I was wondering that it was never advanced and released.
IMHO, a <classloader> task would be a pretty helpfull extension to the 
existing alternatives for some usage. 
Are there reasons for not releasing it?
I would be grateful for a short annotation (found nothing in the list

Otherwise, I would be proud to contribute the task to Ant if you find it
helpful too.

Regards (and excuse me for the long mail),

P.S. Adding this task to the external task list is dissatisfying IMHO,
as it shoots the major advantage (1.) down.

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