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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Re: multi-result <mapper>s
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2004 16:40:15 GMT
To re-hash:

--- Peter Reilly <> wrote:
> The patch makes the mapper class to be a container
> of
> filenamemapper objects in the same way that
> conditionbase
> is a container of conditions.
> The two forms are allowed and are equivalent.
> The second from allows more filename mappers to
> be added
> The filename mappers can be combined as a chain so
> that the output of the
> first map is the input to the second map.
> <mapper chain="yes">
> Normal ant reflection is used on the filename mapper
> classes, so
> the mapper classes may have extra attributes or
> nested elements.

> This patch would be for ant 1.7 and not ant 1.6. It
> is expected that
> during the construction of ant 1.7, roles or
> something similar would be
> added to allow container specific nameing of
> typedef'ed nested elements.
I'm not sure I follow why the proposed patch must wait
for 1.7... it doesn't matter that much, but I just
wanted to know.  :)

I am almost finished with my redirection stuff (whew!)
but I wanted to add the container mapper stuff to HEAD
and test <redirector>s with multi-result mappers
before calling it done.  I have truly had to deal with
"write once, debug everywhere" with I/O and threading
issues, but I think I've got just about enough duct
tape in all the right places...

So where does this leave us with regard to the
container mapper stuff?  All clear?


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