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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: auto download of antlibs
Date Mon, 09 Feb 2004 02:24:59 GMT
Steve Loughran wrote:
> OK, now that Ant1.6 has antlibs, it is time to think of the next step: 
> auto download of antlibs and (perhaps) dependencies.
> 1. Possible requirements
> -allow users to specify the URLs of dependent antlibs
> -allow teams to provide an override point that specifies their location
> -secure download -only files from trusted sources are fetched.

Signed jars ?

> -caching of downloads, global or per-user
> -go through proxies
> -allow antlib providers to move their files (handle redirects)

Is this really needed ?

> -allow antlib providers to mirror, by having a mirror file that lists 
> possible sources

I would add: support for sourceforge-like mirrors and "click" repositories.

> -support private repositories (intranet/internet, https, authenticated) 
> as well as public sources
> -make it easy to publish an antlib, and register it in the ant central list

And if possible, a single central list :-)

> Anything else?

- support for multiple repository types ? It would be really nice if the 
tool would be able to fetch RPM/APT dependencies ( from jpackage or a 
similar repo ), as well as maven and other descriptors.

> 2. What things implement this? What do Maven and Ruper do?
> 3. do we want to integrate this with ant, or have some more standalone 
> tool that can be used to keep a component repository up to date, a tool 
> with an ant task for use in a build file. A sort of apt-get for apache 
> stuff...

I think having this bundled/integrated with ant would be an excelent idea !


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