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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject RE: Incorrect documentation of FTP task [net]
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2004 15:14:04 GMT
> From: Steve Cohen []
> This is all true, Daniel, but I think the initial motivation of Dominique
> Devienne was to REMOVE the requirement that oro be on ant's runtime
> classpath when running the ftp taks, not to make oro a central
> dispatch point for other regex processors. 


> In case it wasn't clear, I don't really support Dominique
> on this, unless it can be done "right" which is not quite so trivial
> because the "wrong" ways  simply replace the requirement to use one
> jar with the requirement to use another.
> At the end of the day, is it that hard to put a jar on your classpath?

Probably not... I simply try to avoid having twice the same functionality on
my classpath, and JDK1.4+ fulfills my regexp needs (albeit simple) just
fine. I've read a few times that ORO is superior to the JDK's regexp impl,
so it's not a question of merit, but simply to avoid duplication (I used
java.util.regex with the REX/Shallow Parser expressions, and it worked fine,
so that's good enough for me.)

I understand Jakarta libraries must run on many JDKs, so cannot require JDK
1.4+, but OTOH, it's annoying to have useful OS projects you're interested
in pick up so many other dependencies, often for just a few convenient
classes, thus using 1% of that dependency, which often has a large overlap
with other libraries from the JDK or other libraries one's forced to use
(thru indirect dependencies).

I like Ant's approach to using what's there as a regexp impl, at the cost of
some reflection, because it gives me choices, and it's required only if I
actually use the functionality.

Perhaps Jakarta Commons could assemble all facades and factories for
functionality of commons that overlap with JDKs into a single small JAR, so
that JDK users like me who prefer to reuse as much of the JDK as possible
(instead of equivalent Commons libraries) could just drop that JAR on the
classpath, making Commons libraries use and possibly degrade functionality
accordingly? Just a random thought...

Maybe even Ant would pickup that fictive commons-jdkfacade dependency,
despite its usual rule of keeping dependencies at a minimum!? --DD

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