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From Gus Heck <>
Subject Re: REGRESSION: Ant 1.6+ doesn't detect duplicate targets
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2004 15:58:32 GMT
With a notion of target access levels we could flag a target as 
overridable, and leave the default as not overridable perhaps... kinda 
like java's final modifier only backwards.


Dominique Devienne wrote:

>>From: Peter Reilly []
>>I think it is used as a feature with the <import> task for target
>I thought that was the origin of the problem, but that doesn't make it less
>of a bug I'd say. Not much sense in the same build file overriding its own
>targets, no? It is a bug in one of my build file, and I'd like Ant to tell
>me about it. It's already much more difficult to know that a build file is
>correct with Ant 1.6+, since only executed tags are validated, so lets not
>add to the confusion with allowing duplicate targets in build files, please.
>Just yesterday I fixed yet another hidden bug in another build file, where
>the content of an <outofdate> was executed for the first time in a long
>while, because running in a newly checked out sandbox. I had the <outofdate>
>in an xmlns="...", and the Ant targets in <sequential> could thus not be
>found in the Ant-Contrib namespace...
>This kind of hidden bugs would warrant UNIT tests for build files, to run
>all possible targets, in all circumstances, with code coverage of the build
>file code, etc... I liked the fail-fast behavior of Ant 1.5 better, even
>though I'm aware of the technical reasons behind the changes to all UE. --DD
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