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From Antoine Lévy-Lambert <>
Subject Re: Ant 1.7
Date Tue, 17 Feb 2004 13:27:26 GMT
Peter Reilly wrote:

>> 3) get the xdocs proposal out,
>> 4) think about virtual file system abstractions, and do something 
>> about them,
> This sounds like fun.., but may be difficult to achieve in the same 
> timeframe as local
> properties and roles.

you are right the time frame for these points could extend much beyond 
ant 1.7:

The xdocs stuff require time to get the method for processing the xml to 
html right, and even more to migrate the existing content to new formats.
Once it will be finished, it should improve a little bit the homogeneity 
of the doc, make it more easy to maintain (hopefully) by avoiding 
duplication between javadoc comments and manual,
and I hope also even nicer to read for the users. I am personally very 
interested by this project (because I think documentation is a very 
important pillar of all software projects).

Vfs is definitively something long term, I have no idea which sort of 
implementation will be feasible, I am just dreaming of being able to zip 
directly from a http site, or to copy from a ftp location to a cvs 
repository, ....

I am sure that these efforts will stretch beyond 1.7

I am sure that the local properties, the roles, the antlibized optional 
tasks, and a few popular bugs fixed can make a very good 1.7 agenda.


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