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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Microsoft XML scripting patent
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2004 15:34:01 GMT
Jose Alberto Fernandez wrote:
> I went are read the sumary of the patent
> from the links provided.
> Not a layer, but I do not think it applies to ANT
> maybe to scriptdef, but that seemed like a streach.
> What I understood is that they pattented having
> a bunch of different scripts in different languages
> all sitting on the same file separated by XML tags
> and being able to call each separate script in the 
> collection from a menu.
> So, it sound not like a pattent on scripting, but on
> how to store collections of scripts in one file and being
> able to execute them.
> Any pattent layer around?

I do know this from spending time with them.

*never declare in any written form any belief that any product you have 
infringes on any patent you become aware of*

This is important, it complicates the legal defence, if, during a period 
of discovery, your statements are found and used against you.

So stop worrying. At least in public. And not even email in private. Use 
a phone, don't leave messages on an answering machine, write nothing down.


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