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From Mariano Benitez <>
Subject Re: can I change junit runner main class
Date Tue, 10 Feb 2004 18:05:17 GMT

>I assume that your class understands all the command line arguments
>Ant's testrunner uses and passes them along.  How would your class
>deal with new arguments we add?
My class is just a bootstrap that do some classloading stuff regarding 
my application and then invokes the main class (JUnitRunner) with the 
parameteres it received in the first place.

>The main problem with opening up access to the test runner class is
>just that.  As soon as we do it, we run the risk of breaking other
>people's builds when we change the protocol between the task and the
>test runner.  There is no danger now, as we always know the main class
>that gets invoked.
I agree 100% with you on this, it is just that I need to take control 
"before" the main class is executed, actually I build a classloader 
where the main class (Runner) is loaded and executed.

I know this is a quite unique situation but I just wanted to expose my 
case to see if it is so unique that is ok that I handle it myself only. 
I have patched JUnitTask to specify another main class that I built that 
ultimately call JUnitRunner as usual.

>>1) leave <junit forked="true" jvm="launcher"> and have "launcher"
>>script change the command line
>Ugly but portable accross Ant versions.
I have scripts since they always have problems with different OS, etc, 
that was the first option, but I end up having 3 bash processes wrapping 

>>2) patch junit to allow me to put a boot class
>>3) extend junit (the problem is that JUnitTask.executeAsForked and
>>commandline are private, so I should patch the task anyway)
what you can do to support extension of JUnit is to leave a hook to 
alter the commandline, this way I can do whatever I need directly before 
invoking the runner. You could just leave a method protected so I can 
extend it and alter the command line in a custom task.

Thanks a lot for the attention,


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