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From Antoine Lévy-Lambert <>
Subject Re: License updates needed
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2004 09:54:42 GMT
Martin Cooper wrote:

>On Mon, 2 Feb 2004, Antoine Lévy-Lambert wrote:
>>Leo Simons wrote:
>>>I did a licensing audit. There's some things needing doing:
>>>* The Java sources should be updated with the new ASL 2.0 header;
>>>* the new ASL 2.0 license should be added to gump cvs along with a
>>>  NOTICE file;
>>>* many of the python sourcefiles should get the new ASL 2.0
>>>  license header in place of no header existing at all, some need
>>>  the 1.1 license replaced with the 2.0 license;
>>>* the other (shell) script files probably need the header added as well;
>>>* I'm not sure whether the xsl and xml files need the header.
>>Adam Jack has prepared a *python* script to update source code with
>>license headers and I have been working on it this evening
>>because I have volunteered to do the job for ant. The file is in the
>>committers cvs repository (did not know this one before) under the
>>relicense directory.
>Unless it's been fixed since he first mentioned it, the problem with this
>script is that it does not retain the original copyright years, but
>overwrites them. IANAL, but many, many years of experience have taught me
>that retaining the original years is very important. So I'd recommend
>against using the script unless / until it can handle this.
>(Yes, I know committers@ isn't supposed to be used for this kind of thing,
>but the message to which I'm replying went there, and I want to make sure
>the same people are aware of the issue. Sorry.)
>Martin Cooper
Hi Martin,

I have changed the script relicense/ so that the *first* 
original copyright year is retained.
The last year will always be 2004 (or 2005 if someone runs the script 
next year, ...)

original :
Copyright (c) 1999 2001-2002 The Apache Software Foundation

output :
Copyright 1999-2004 The Apache Software Foundation

As you mentioned in your previous email, this script handles currently 
only java files.



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