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From Bruce Atherton <>
Subject Re: Distribution of modified ANT script in my project (JNetStream)
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2004 02:02:02 GMT
Mark Bednarczyk wrote:
> Hi Bruce, my name is Mark Bednarczyk I have an OpenSource project on SourceForge JNetStream
( I would like
> to use a modified version of your ANT script in my project to execute my java applications.
I have modified the original "ant"
> script for two applications of mine "slydecoder" and "slycopy". They do not use ANT or
Apache name or any other components.

Hi, Mark. I'm ccing this reply to the Ant Developer's list, so that 
someone can chime in if I get something wrong or if they have something 
to add.

Keep in mind that IANAL and I don't speak for the Apache Software 
Foundation, but I believe you should have no problem reusing the code as 
far as the ASF is concerned provided you follow the requirements of the 
license. The Free Software Foundation (as authors of the GPL) may be a 
different story, though, because they don't consider the 1.1 version of 
the Apache license to be compatible with the GPL. Fortunately for you, 
we are adopting a new license, probably with the next release of Ant, 
that one hopes even the FSF would say is compatible, though they have 
yet to make a definitive statement so far as I know.

So a quick rundown of the scenarios. If you wanted to stick with version 
1.1 of the Apache license on the script, you would be required to 
include the license text somewhere within your script, as well as 
including an attribution line somewhere in any end-user documentation 
that you produced. Since the file is a script, I don't think the GPL 
would taint it unless you wanted your changes to the script to 
themselves be GPLed. I don't think the FSF would allow the GPL to apply 
to that, though you should ask them if you want a definite answer on 
that score.

If you want to go with the 2.0 version of the license, you should read
it over at and make sure you
can abide by the terms there. If you can, I can't imagine there would be
a problem with you using the script under those terms even though we
have yet to make a release with it. Keep in mind, though, that we have
no idea what objections the FSF might raise to the new license.

IMHO this bureaucratic attitude of the FSF is one of the reasons for 
avoiding the GPL for open source projects, but that's me. Others would 
argue that it is necessary to ensure software freedom.

I hope that helps.

> The executable shell script is a duplicate of your original "ant" shell script with small
additions and global replacement of names
> specific for my application.
> Ofcourse, I'd like to give credit to your project for the original script, but also need
to include my GPL license that the rest of
> my project uses. There would also be a number of other applications added in future releases,
basically exactly the same way as I
> described above. So for now there would be two (2) and in the future more than two (2+).
> I'd like to ask permission to use your script in this capacity I just described? You
can look over what those scripts look like in
> our development tree. They are not part of any distribution yet, but I am ready to do
next release of my software and the scripts
> would be included in the releases going forward.
> We use ANT as the build system for our sources, distribution and testing in our project.
Invaluable tool! There are a number of
> places in our documentation that reference ANT project and links to ANT's documentation
for installation instructions and usage.
> You can reach me at
> Best regards,
> mark..
> JNetStream Admin

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