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From Matt Benson <>
Subject RE: multi-result <mapper>s
Date Tue, 10 Feb 2004 14:56:17 GMT
--- Jose Alberto Fernandez <>
> I think we are now in the new world of ANT 1.6
> (the wold of namespaces and antlibs).
> We should stride to focus our efforts so that
> all our extension points (of all sorts) follow
> the antlibs/typedef approach and move away from
> having property files with magic names defining
> special types.
I'm not sure what alternative you're suggesting.  The
properties files themselves are used by <typedef>.  I
guess this hasn't been implemented yet, but I seem to
recall a message to the effect that the core tasks
could/should/would? be defined by an <antlib> for the
default namespace, which would consist of <taskdef
resource="o.a.t.a.taskdefs/" /> and
<typedef resource="o.a.t.a.types/"
/> until such time as someone decided to expand it
into individual <*def> elements, if ever.  I don't
feel that the properties files themselves are all that
important; they are just the simplest (for now) means
of defining the core types.  The point here is that
<globmapper>, <identitymapper>,<flattenmapper> et al.,
having been <typedef>d, would be available as specific
elements in addition to the BC <mapper type="*">.

> I believe that is the aim for 1.7 with the
> add(Interface)
> methods.
which are these?


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