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From "Consult-smi, Coenen" <>
Subject Re: Ant 1.7
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2004 16:43:10 GMT
> Maybe it is possible to revive this vfs project. Other people sending 
> emails to the list have mentioned the slide project
> and also the new Java Content 
> Repository API proposal.
> I have had a look at the JCR web page. I think that there is some 
> overlap between VFS and JCR, but it is not the same.

> I have the impression that JCR is meant for data storages which have 
> versioning capabilities. It sounds like the equivalent of JDBC for
> version control systems, a common API through which one could access 
> CVS, Perforce, PVCS, Source Safe, Subversion,
> but I do not feel like JCR is meant for accessing physical storages 
> which do not have versioning capabilities such as file systems or 
> jar/zip files.

Based on the information given on the JSR170 project page, one indeed gets the impression
that the API is soley designed for content repositories.
However, the expert group has divided up the API into two levels:
There's a main package and some subpackages named query, version, observation, access, a.s.o...
A level 1 implementation is only required to implement the core JCR classes 
and none of the classes in the subpackages. Therefore, simple data repositories
like filesystems can be used with JSR. 
Level 2 implementations, like CMS systems must implement the subpackages as well..


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