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From "Craig Campbell" <>
Subject XmlLogger and parallel on linux
Date Tue, 23 Dec 2003 20:03:18 GMT
I have entered a bug (Bug 25734) into bugzilla, but would like to query the list on the best
method to fix it.  

As a first stab I was successful in fixing the problem by synchronizing the public methods
that are implemented from the logger and listener.  There was no apparent slow down in performance
and we haven't seen any major side effects.

I pinged Stefan for his initial reaction:

>> So after all that I figured if I were to synchronize the listener
>> interface implementations in XmlLogger that we could stop the
>> threads from overrunning each other.

> Ouch.

> Is it possible to pin down what the different threads are accessing
> concurrently and which access we need to guard against?  I generally
> prefer finer grained locking if at all possible.  In particlar in
> something like the loggers where methods get called very often. 

So my question to the list, is really just to verify or dispute Stefan's reply.

I am more than willing to run down the problem to the finer grained solution that was suggested
(as this is a big problem with our current environment).


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