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From Antoine Levy-Lambert <>
Subject xmlcatalog, fileset evaluation[was AW: Macrodef @{x}]
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2003 11:39:12 GMT
Hi Jose,

first of all thanks for letting us know about your problems,

>When I run this build.xml on my site (ANT1.6beta) I get an error that
>saxon does not support the validate feature, which is odd.

>Do we need to upgrade saxon in order to use 1.6?

I do not know whether you need to upgrade saxon in order to use ant1.6.
Maybe because of the new xml-apis.jar and xercesImpl.jar.
I have downloaded the latest release of saxon to test your build file (saxon

>When I run my complete full build, which calls something simillar to
>this one using <ant> I get the error with the XMLCatalogue not being
>used when reading the XML file. (This works as is in ANT1.5.3). The
> XMLCatalogue reference is passed from the main build to this one.

would mean that references to xmlcatalogs are not passed properly across
<ant/> invocations.
Maybe, in this case I need to make a test build to check that.

>A maybe related issue, is that in my build there are certain
>that are generated in a precompilation phase. Those directories are
>in <fileset>s which are declared as top level tasks. In 1.6 I get a sort
>of warnning when executing the fileset indicating that an exception was
>caught and continuing, but in 1.5.3 no problem is found.
>My concern here is what happens when the reference is finally used.
>In 1.5.3 the fileset is the correct one (since by the time it is used
>the directories
>are guaranteed to be there), but in 1.6 I am not sure what the fileset
>will do.

>Did we change the way filesets are evaluated? I thought they were very
>lazy before.

I am not 100% sure how the filesets are evaluated. I wonder whether there is
not a check that the root directory of the fileset exists
as soon as ant reads the fileset definition in the build file.
Scanning is then done by each task using the fileset.



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