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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject RE: DynamicConfigurator namespace problem
Date Fri, 12 Dec 2003 10:37:17 GMT
DOM does not give you access to the NS prefix, at least when you create an
element from the document. Why would you need the prefix? Granted, even XSL
uses the prefix in attribute values (xs:string), but it's bad XML according
to EffectiveXML and others... The namespace prefix is the
business of the XML file writer, not the XML application. --DD

-----Original Message-----
From: Christopher Lenz
To: Ant Developers List
Sent: 12/12/2003 4:12 AM
Subject: Re: DynamicConfigurator namespace problem

Am 12.12.2003 um 10:23 schrieb Stefan Bodewig:
> On Fri, 12 Dec 2003, Peter Reilly <> wrote:
>> Yes, either add DynamicConfiguratorNS or revert the change I made
>> yesterday to DynamicConfigurator.
> I'm more inclined to add DynamicConfiguratorNS.

Same here. Proposed interface:

public class DynamicConfiguratorNS {

     public Object createDynamicElement(
         String namespaceURI,
         String prefix,
         String localName);

     public void setDynamicAttribute(
         String namespaceURI,
         String prefix,
         String localName,
         String value);


Where namespaceURI, prefix and localName have the same semantics as in 
DOM Level 2:

I don't think this interface should extend DynamicConfigurator. The 
only effect would be that implementors also would need to implement the 
old two pair of methods.


Christopher Lenz
/=/ cmlenz at

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