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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject Custom selector how-to...
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2003 09:48:24 GMT
I have two apparently simple question about custom selectors:

1) How can I access the Project associated to a selector?

   I can see no obvious way to access it, as unlike ProjectComponent
   deriving classes that can use getProject(), there's no such thing
   in BaseExtendSelector...

   I need to create a Path from a string for pre-Ant 1.6 parametrization,
   and also create a DirectoryScanner, which also requires a Project.

2) Can selectors be id'd/refid'd like tasks/types?

   I must write a selector with an expensive up-front config phase
   (remember the DirectoryScanner above?) that I want to use in
   several different <fileset>s, so I'd rather avoid doing the expensive
   up-front config N times...

Unless there are some ways I missed to do what I need as described above,
I fear I'll have to revert to writing a task instead of a selector...

Sounds like deficiencies of the selector mechanism to me. Or am I
just pushing the selector envelope too far?

Thanks, --DD

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