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From "Filip Hanik" <>
Subject bug fixes!! WAS: ant 1.6beta3 released
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2003 21:28:44 GMT
I have fixes for the following tasks:

1. SCP - this task hangs on large file transfers, I have added in a batch
size which issues new SCP command for each X tasks. This allows me to
transfer over 2000 files between our servers.

2. CVS - the line "cvs add *" doesn't work, I have added in <fileset>
element to CVS which allows you to add files to the command line for all
commands, works with update delete add etc, only one level deep directory

3. FTP - I have a file parser for Windows FTP servers, modified the FTP task
to take a parameter for which OS the FTP server is. Even better would be if
it could auto detect. Also fixed nullpointer bug if the remote directory
doesn't contain any files and a ls is issued.

4. Main, changed it so that it wouldn't issue a System.exit if a flag is
passed in, this is necessary for us since we are launching ant embedded and
don't want to install an additional security manager.

5. Unzip,unjar currently doesn't work when the file listing is "/file.txt"
inside the jar.
Even if you give the unjar command a destination directory, it tries to save
the file in the root directory.
I fixed this as well!

I have fixes for all of these. Since it is gonna take me about 2 hours to
create PATCH files, I wanted to check in with the developers here that if I
spend the time, this will get committed.


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From: Antoine Lévy-Lambert []
Sent: Monday, December 08, 2003 1:05 PM
To: Ant Developers List
Subject: AW: ant 1.6beta3 released

Hi Alexey,

do you have some particular bugs in mind which you would like to see fixed
before the release ?

Contributions to fix the open bugs in Bugzilla are welcome.

Then depending on committer energy, and whether the changes are not too
radical, some further bug fixes might make their way into ant 1.6.

I am sure that there will be too a 1.6.1 and a 1.6.2 ...

I do not see any reason why we should wait another year after that to create

But for the time being, I hope we can get 1.6 out before the end of 2003.
Open bugs which do not require structural changes in the API or in our way
of thinking should be no problem to fix in minor releases.



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Von: Alexey N. Solofnenko []
Gesendet: Montag, 8. Dezember 2003 20:10
An: Ant Developers List
Betreff: Re: ant 1.6beta3 released

.NET tasks documentation is still not fixed (24058
<>). There are
other bugs that would be good to fix before 1.6 release. Are they going
to be fixed before the release?

- Alexey.

Antoine Lévy-Lambert wrote:

>Hi Ant developers and users,
>I have the pleasure to say that ant1.6beta3 is available for download from
>We hope to be able to make the final release before the end of 2003.

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