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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: DynamicConfigurator namespace problem
Date Thu, 11 Dec 2003 13:36:27 GMT
On Thursday, December 11, 2003, at 07:44  AM, Peter Reilly wrote:
> Christopher Lenz wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> in the light of a final release of 1.6 next week, I think the 
>> DynamicConfigurator issue with namespaces needs to be resolved. I 
>> can't believe I'm the only one who has a problem with the current 
>> implementation, which concatenates the namespace URI and the local 
>> name of the element to pass it into 
>> DynamicConfigurator#createDynamicElement. This is a change that 
>> breaks backwards compatibility because the semantics of the method is 
>> changed.
> The problem is that no matter what is done backwards compatibility 
> will be broken.
> Some people use the name to call Project#createTask() and 
> Project#createDataType() to create a
> type. The name passed matches this usage. Also, as noted below, the 
> new XMLFragment can
> use this information as well.
> The localname is still accessible for tasks written for 1.6 (and with 
> the magic of reflection) and
> usable in ant 1.5 places.

It's my own fault for not tracking this closer, so my apologies for 
coming into this late in the game.  So, createDynamicElement now 
receives more than it used to?!  So it gets "uri:elementName"?  Ouch!  
That is a serious blow to XDoclet which relies on DynamicConfigurator 

So XDoclet needs to change to work properly?  I guess Peter would know 
since he's run proposal/xdocs recently using Ant 1.6 - so I'm guessing 
somehow it still works?  If so, *whew*, but I'm a bit worried.


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