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From "Ron Coutts" <>
Subject TeeLogger class
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2003 06:46:12 GMT
One problem that I've had with Ant is that the logging facilities allow
directing the output to either the console or a log file, but typically
not both.  This is fairly restrictive when you want to watch the
progress of a build and have an log of build that is identical to what
went by on the console.  So in the spirit of the 'tee' command line
utility I've developed a TeeLogger class that extends DefaultLogger and
works a bit like MailLogger and a bit like XmlLogger.  It can direct log
output to two sinks simultaneously such as to the console and a file or
to two files at the same time (not that this latter feature is worth

Here are some examples of specifying TeeLogger on the Ant command line:

ant -logger  
Directs log output to console and log.txt by default.

ant -logger
Directs log output to console and mylog.txt.

ant -logger
-DTeeLogger.file=mylog.txt -logfile mylog2.txt
Directs log output to mylog.txt and mylog2.txt.

I think this might be useful to others and I wouldn't mind contributing
it.  So my questions are, is this a worthy contribution and if so what's
happens next?  This would be my first code contribution and I'm not at
all familiar with the process of contributing code.


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