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From Conor MacNeill <>
Subject Re: Ant 1.6beta1 comments
Date Thu, 02 Oct 2003 00:36:04 GMT
On Thu, 2 Oct 2003 08:34 am, Dominique Devienne wrote:
> Preliminary report on what I have seems with the Beta1 release of Ant 1.6.
> I hope this helps. --DD

Absolutely. It is exactly what a beta is for and I hope a lot more people can 
do this level of analysis. 

I'll quickly address the things I can in a first pass.

> 1.1 - New deprecation warnings
> P:\com_lgc\buildmagic-dd\buildmagic\src\com\lgc\buildmagic\
>2 0: warning: initializeCl
> ass(java.lang.Class) in has been
> deprecated
>                 AntClassLoader.initializeClass(c);
>                               ^

Under JDK 1.2, classes can be initialized when loaded and this is done in the 
rest of Ant (i.e. initializeClass is no longer used within Ant itself). 
Please see bug 14171 for an instance where the current initializeClass 
approach caused problems. So it is still supported but now deprecated. Is 
there an issue with that.

> P:\com_lgc\buildmagic-dd\buildmagic\src\com\lgc\buildmagic\
> warning: addSysproperty(o
> in
> tTask has been deprecated
>                 super.addSysproperty(var);
>                      ^
> P:\com_lgc\buildmagic-dd\buildmagic\src\com\lgc\buildmagic\util\BuildFileTe
>s warning:
>  configureProject(, in
> h
> as been deprecated
>         ProjectHelper.configureProject(project, buildfile);
>                      ^
> 3 warnings
> 1.2 - Change of formatting in JUnit???
>   Instead of having a single blank line in between each test suite,
>   I now get 3, which is not very pretty. And yes, and verified it was
>   not my custom logger the culprit.

This may be due to a change in the IO redirection in Ant to pass stuff through 
with the line endings intact. Not sure. On my Linux and Windows boxes, there 
are two blank lines :-)

I'll have a look.

>   Also, a test for a custom selector, which uses log(..) statements,
>   which used to look simply like this:

Can you put a test case together for that?

> 1.3 - Optional.jar has been split!
>   Some of my projects, including the one I was testing, have
>   includeAntRuntime=false, and explicitly include just the JARs
>   in ant/lib they need (I have extras JAR in there). I was thus
>   bitten by the removal of optional.jar.

OK, I'm not sure what is best here. We can choose to live with the change and 
some potential pain for longer term benefit (i.e. finer control over optional 
task deployment as antlibs, with non-deployment when supporting jars are 
absent). We could add back optional.jar as a manifest-only class-path jar to 
collect all the other optional jars together. This could be provided in lib 
or even a "legacy" dir for those who want to use it.

>   That made me look in ant/lib, and (re)discover that optional.jar
>   was no more, and had been replaced by ant-*.jar. I find it odd
>   though that there is a nodeps.jar file, instead of ant-nodeps.jar.

Agreed  - should be ant-nodeps.jar

> 2 - Documentation / Manual
>   In general, I'd like the new feature in Ant 1.6 to be more visible,
>   Maybe with a [New in 1.6!] icon!?!?
> 2.1 - Main (Welcom) Page
>   docs/index.html by default opens the Welcome page on the bottom left
>   frame, which still shows Ant 1.5.4 as the release number.
>   Also, I don't think ApacheCon 2003 is relevant to an Ant release...

We used to not include the site but people wanted the site as part of the 
documentation. It is a snapshot and therefore included things which may be 
only relevant at the time of a snapshot. I not sure this should change. The 
release manager could tweak the docs at the time of build.

> 2.2 - Weird vertical blank area
>   When viewing the Manual using IE 6.0 on W2K, the License and Relate
>   Project sections both have a blank empty area (in the bottom left frame)
>   which seems to end at the bottom of the left-hand-side menuy.

IE bug ? :-)


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