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From "Alex Rosen" <>
Subject getExcludedFiles() and slowScan()
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2003 18:49:36 GMT
getExcludedFiles() performs a slowScan(), but looking at the JavaDoc, it
seems like it doesn't need to. That makes me wonder if it's the code
that's wrong or just the JavaDoc. (Or just my interpretation of the

getExcludedFiles() says:

     * Returns the names of the files which matched at least one of
     * include patterns and at least one of the exclude patterns.
     * The names are relative to the base directory. This involves
     * performing a slow scan if one has not already been completed.

But slowScan() says:

     * Top level invocation for a slow scan. A slow scan builds up a
     * list of excluded/included files/directories, whereas a fast
     * will only have full results for included files, as it ignores
     * directories which can't possibly hold any included

Doesn't this say exactly that getExcludedFiles() *doesn't* need to do a
slowScan()? A fast scan ignores directories which can't possibly hold
any included files/directories, but getExcludedFiles() says it doesn't
care about these because it will never return them.

Alex Rosen

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