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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: Getting 1.6 out the door
Date Fri, 29 Aug 2003 04:09:01 GMT
Conor MacNeill wrote:

> What I'd suggest is that soon we branch 1.6 and remove anything that is
> still settling down. I think we have a few ideas that need to be kicked
> around before we feel comfortable with them. This work can continue on the
> HEAD (1.7) while we prepare a release.


> I'd like to get some thoughts on the above and if you are agreeable, what
> things you think we should hold over in 1.7. As I see it the major issues
> we have to consider are
> 1. <import>
> 2. antlib
> 3. <macrodef> and <presetdef>
> There are surely others so let me know.
> My position on these issues is
> 1. <import>
> Go with it as is. I think it is useful and useable without coming up
> against some of the cases we have discussed. How we address those issues
> can be tackled later, perhaps with a different mechanism. That is bound up
> in the whole issue of target visibility and overriding.

> I'm not sure whether we should provide a simple <include> as well which
> does no renaming (overrides)?

> 2. antlib
> I think this should be in but I am not familiar with its state yet, nor do
> I think it has had enough testing - might just be my own need to kick the
> tyres. Are we planning to antlib Ant's own optional jars? In 1.7 I think
> we need to look at removing antlibs from the root loader when their
> dependent jars are not available in ANT_HOME/lib.

> 3. <macrodef> and <presetdef>
> These seem to have some issues lately and I suggest we pull these into 1.7

+1 for 1.7 ( +0 for 1.6 )

> Comments?
> Conor

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