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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject RE: override
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2003 11:44:46 GMT
> Just to mention, name mangling in C++, IIRC, is not for the code writer
> consumption. It is for the mapping of the code to the symbol tables
> of the C compilers and linkers below.

I think we are pushing the whole OO analogy for Ant a little too hard. Ant
build files are not class definitions, nor are they interface definitions,
an approach which would be almost useless in a single global namespace.

> All the resolution of the semantics of the language is done
> before name mangling

This is not strictly true. In C++ you decide (by using extern "C") whether
to place a symbol in the global namespace or its own (by name mangling). The
programmer needs to be aware of this. C++ also introduced the namespace
concept due to the likelihood of Class name collisions, since prior to that
Class names occupied a single global namespace.

> takes place. Also notice that in C++ you have "virtual" and "non-virtual"
> methods which have completely different resolution rules (Java
> only has virtual).
> It seems to me part of the issue is that we do not distinguish
> between this
> different behaviors but we still want them to have both.

So, what is your proposal? How does it address my usecase? I believe a
non-prefixed import addresses your usecase.


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