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From Jay <>
Subject Question about making change to
Date Sat, 02 Aug 2003 00:20:53 GMT
I have an ant project that uses several log listeners and loggers, MailLogger, 
Log4JListener for example.  In that project I have a vendor provided ant task 
that unfortunately prints out the userid and password it was passed.  Since 
the logs have a wide audience I need to delete/hide the logged 
userid/password.  I was going to create my own combined logger that would 
strip out the offending text, but thought there could be other places where 
text needed to be deleted/changed for security reasons.  Is this a common 
enough problem to make a solution for?  Is there a solution that already 

I thought a change to could solve the issue for all 
loggers/listeners.  I could create a property or perhaps a list that had a 
string(s) to search for, and a parm for how many bytes to overlay with '*' if 
the string is found in the message.  Then getMessage() could check for the 
property if it's defined, do the search/replace before the return of message.

Does that sound like an acceptable solution?  Is it worth doing?


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