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From Andrew Marlow <>
Subject Re: Ant Documentation
Date Sun, 29 Jun 2003 17:50:03 GMT writes:
>Andrew Marlow wrote:
>> Hello,
>> The msg below was originally intended for Steve L, another
>> Ant developer, but I have had trouble contacting him so 
>> I am now sending this to a wider audience.
>sorry I have been in crisis, but am glad you are on the main mail list. 
No prob.
>> Attached is the result of running latex2html on the source.
>> Please let me have some feedback on this ASAP.
>> This is quite alot of work and I am only roughly half-way through.
>> I need to know if people will be happy with this.
>And here the fact that the mail list strips out html files and big 
>attachments are making it harder to post. Adding the files as 
>attachments to a bugzilla report works nicely.

Please see http:/
This is a bzip'd tarball of HTML generated from the LaTeX source.
>As far as the actual files, the effect of the underlying latex port is 
>to give us a good printed document, and a self-content-creating manual 
>in functional HTML.
Yes, that was the aim. Plus, we can still get DocBook.
>I am unsure what is the best way to go from the existing HTML to .dbk; 
>Maybe via latex is the right way; I'd just assumed cut-paste-and-edit 
>would be it. I certainly agree with Andrew in that routing
>printable content via pdflatex gives us the best printing material.
>Who know of any good .dbk editors for windows & unix? 

I do. XAE, a set of macros for Emacs. This is what I used
on my last DocBook project.

>There is some 
>stuff about add-on support in 1.1, but I havent played 
>with it.

There is an emerald here the size of a plover's egg!

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