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From Andrew Marlow <>
Subject Re: Ant Documentation
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2003 07:36:20 GMT

The msg below was originally intended for Steve L, another
Ant developer, but I have had trouble contacting him so 
I am now sending this to a wider audience.

I am trying to improve the Ant documentation.
I would like to have a single multi-platform open format
document. I understand that the project preference is to
use DocBook. I am using an approach which, with the help
of some scripts I am working on, will finally result
in a DocBook Ant manual. As a stepping stone to this end
I am doing the document in LaTeX. I have an awk script
to do the LaTeX2DocBook conversion. This needs to be
rewritten in Perl so that it is portable.

Attached is the result of running latex2html on the source.
Please let me have some feedback on this ASAP.
This is quite alot of work and I am only roughly half-way through.
I need to know if people will be happy with this.


Andrew Marlow.

>Hello Steve,
>Attached is a gzip'd tarball of some HTML that was generated
>from the LaTeX ANT manual I am working on. I hope you like
>the look of it.
>There is much still to do. I am working on it.
>I have gone through about 40% of the LaTeX source
>doing various reformatting. Here's the work I have planned:
>1. Complete the remaining 60%.
>2. Do cross references in LaTeX.
>3. Generate fresh HTML and a new PDF.
>4. Generate XML from the LaTeX.
>I'll keep you posted.


There is an emerald here the size of a plover's egg!

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