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From Conor MacNeill <>
Subject New Laucher
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2003 11:40:23 GMT
I have just committed some new code for an Ant launcher to take over some of 
the functions found in the ant shell script and ant.bat/lcp.bat.

This should alleviate the long line problem and environment limitations on 

Currently there is no script to drive this code. That will come later. There 
is still a lot of stuff in the scripts that cannot be moved to Java and needs 
to be retained. 

For now, once you build this code, you can start Ant directly with

java -jar $ANT_HOME/lib/ant-launcher.jar [args ...]

The launch code will work out ANT_HOME, tools.jar location and the classpath 
automatically. I've only tested it on Linux for now but it runs the tests OK.

The jar requires the XML parser jars be referenced in the Manifest Class-Path 
entry so that these are on the base classloader as otherwise the JDK's 
versions are found and things break.

The current entry points and scripts (and GUMP) are unaffected.

I've added the ability to pick up jars from a per-user location 

I've used an interface AntMain as an alternative to reflection to interact 
with Main in the classloader created from the scanned classpath. I find this 

I thought of putting this code in a separate tree to ensure no main Ant code 
is imported into the launch classes but in the end thought it was not worth 
the trouble.

I'd like to get any feedback on this code if people can test it especially on 
other platforms. I intend to start some new scripts to drive this in the 
interim to eventually replace the current scripts. These would be retained as 
a fallback solution in case the new code introduces problems in the release.



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