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From "Bill Chmura" <>
Subject ANN: Spell checking ant task
Date Sat, 14 Jun 2003 05:50:40 GMT

Per some discussion last week about spellchecking I wrapped the Jazzy
project in an Ant task and added on some basic functionality 

Mind you this is like the third task I have developed so be gentle :)
If anyone wants to try it, or if anyone can look at the code and tell me
it just plain sucks that would be great too.  Feedback is good.

Jazzy provides wordfinders for java and xml/html.   I have not dived
into those that much yet.

More info and download at:

>From the minimal docs:

This is an Ant task for calling the Jazzy API's to act upon a given
fileset. Since Jazzy is in Alpha and this depends entirely on it, I
don't think this could be more than alpha right now. This task adds on
the ability to maintain a project dictionary in addition to using a
global dictionary. With either you can append new words to the

When it runs you get prompts like this:
[JazzyTask] [dir_a\newsletters.html:8303] Word: download - (A)dd,
(I)gnore, (G)lobal Add, (Q)uit or just Enter to skip

Add: Adds it to the project dictionary if set, if not skips for the rest
of the run 
Ignore: Just skips this word for the rest of the run 
Global Add: Adds to the main dictionary 
Quit: Aborts the spell check altogether 
Enter: Just like ignore, but one less keystroke 

The ant task looks like this:

<JazzyTask sourceDir="./testdata" 
    <include name="**/*.html"/>


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