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From Rey Francois <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] Fix for VAJ4
Date Fri, 02 May 2003 09:27:35 GMT
I have sumbmitted my patch to Bugzilla
( There is another
patch attached to this bug (from Martin Landers), which fixes the same issue
as mine, but includes other improvements as well. So let's take Martin's
patch since it includes more. Perhaps the only useful thing from my patch is
an update of the installation steps (VAJAntTool.html): if we have compiled
classes distributed with Ant, why bother with importing Ant and Xerces in
I propose the following:
- I try  Martin's patch on my environment (VAJ 4.0 on NT4)
- Martin: can you see if my documentation patch to the installation
procedure also works on your side?

Regarding the distribution, Martin proposed 3 options for resolving the
issue of using the VAJ servlet classes (which are not distributed with Ant):
   1. Come up with mock classes (same interface,
      no-op methods) to make the compiler happy and
      use them during the build (I'd prefer this way)
   2. Ship compiled .class files supplied by someone
      that has VAJ available
      (I'd be willing to do that _for this version_)
   3. Leave it alone and let people figure it out...
      (surely the easiest way, but probably gives a
       few people - like me - a hard time...)
I'd be tempted to include the .class files from VAJ, however I'm not sure if
that is really permitted... It's probably safer to go with option 1 so that
the build process keeps working. I'll make those mockups and check if the
compiled classes still work.


-----Original Message-----
From: Stefan Bodewig
Sent: 2/05/2003 8:21
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Fix for VAJ4

On Wed, 30 Apr 2003, Rey Francois <> wrote:

> - I used "diff -c" to create them (the -u option is not available on
> my platform).

Either a strange platform or a strange implementation of diff.
context diffs should work as good as unified diffs.

> In any case I also included the modified files.

No.  Maybe they've been stripped of by the mailing list software,
which doesn't like HTML (which is good IMHO).  Could you please attach
the patch to <>
so that we collect them in a single place?

I'm also going to add Martin's patches there.

Feel free to add yourself to the CC list of this report as well.


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