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From "J.Pietschmann" <>
Subject Re: Roles (was: antlib)
Date Wed, 07 May 2003 19:40:23 GMT
peter reilly wrote:
>       -  namespaces of attributes is not handled yet - the
>          code uses getQName() on the attributes and does
>          not pass the URI of the attributes to the attribute list given
>          to
Most vocabularies don't use namespaces for attributes, the reason being
that the semantics of attributes with the same name can be derived with
the help of the elements where the attributes appear.
An example:
   <lang:translate src="en_US" dst="de"/>
   <task:translate src="foo.svg" dst="foo.jpg"/>
The src attribute obviously serves a different purposes for the different
elements, but it is assumed the element provides enough context to handle
An exception are attributes where more than one attribute with the same
local name can be expected to be attached to an element
An example
   <product electrical:class="high voltage" fireproof:class="flammable"
(or shorter: <product e:class="high voltage" f:class="flammable"
    h:class="toxic"/> )
The example may strike you as stupid, but this kind of vocabulary
may really evolve from merging simpler stuff. I'd think Ant can avoid this,
or at least try.

> 2) The usage of Project#createTask/DataType(name) will not work for
>     tasks loaded as a result of XML namespaces, a Project#createTask/DataType(
>     uri, name) method will need to be added.
Some projects migrated to namespaced XML by passing
internally through the APIs.


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