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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: antlib
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2003 19:06:36 GMT
Erik Hatcher wrote:

>> I think the syntax of the descriptor is pretty important.
> Obviously I disagree, but ngot terribly strongly.

So you believe that anything can go in the XML tags, no design
or thinking is needed - because you could translate it with XSL or some
tools will process it ? 

>> The "looseness" is pretty fundamental in ant, and at least IMO
>> is one of the reasons it works so well.
> My take is that since we are using XML for build file syntax that we
> should embrace all of the features of XML like namespaces and schemas.
> Currently we are playing fast and loose with it and tools are not
> typically happy with build.xml files.  I know in my build file IDEA
> hilites tons of "errors" (that are not really errors).  You are
> proposing that we use Java's standard MANIFEST features, but why not
> stick to standard XML features like a schema?

Ant can now support namespaces - it just lacks a definition on how
to use them. The processor uses SAX2, namespaces are passed to the 
code that creates the task ( ComponentHelper ), and can be used in 
any way you want. 

Schema - you can add ( or generate ) a schema, and use it any way you want.
If you want to add 2-3 seconds to the compilation time and restrict ant to
Xerces ( is there any other parser that supports XML Schema ? ) - you can
even force ant to validate against a schema.

> working with Ant.  I'm the one that added the DyanmicConfigurator - so
> I can be blamed for making schema compliance even more impossible to
> obtain.

Well, I wrote some of the code in ProjectHelper2, so you can't acuse me 
I don't want namespaces.

>>> Again, lets not get hung up on the descriptor syntax.  Working
>>> implementation first - then we can debate the details.  We can make it
>>> the defining goal for an Ant 1.6 release when all the fiddly details
>>> have been ironed out!  :)
>> We have had working implementation(s) for quite a while.
> But the current one does not support adding other components like
> conditions, mappers, filters, and selectors.

Does ant support this ? 

And what do you mean "does not support adding" ? It can add any component
( as datatype for example), and nothing stops you from using any datatype as
anything you want ( condition, mapper, filter or selector ).


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