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From peter reilly <>
Subject RE: DynamicTag
Date Wed, 16 Apr 2003 01:08:59 GMT
Dominique Devienne wrote:
>>Interesting... So how come DynamicTag is not compatible with
>>Ant 1.6, when it compiles and works fine with 1.5.1??? Sounds
>>like an incompatible API change to me, which hopefully will be fixed.
It compiles on Ant 1.6, but currently the unknownelement returned
does not get resolved. (!). In a previous cvs build, a null
pointer exception gets thrown as the target had not been set on
the unknown element.

>>2) DynamicTag is lazy, thanks to UnknownElement. Your rewrite is
>>the element at parse-time, my implementation does it only at runtime.
>>I favor delaying the instantiation and configuration. Ant should never
>>mingled parsing of the XML and instantiation of the model in the first

I am not sure this is correct, the task/datatype will be stored as an
unknown element until the target containing the task/datatype is run.
I however find the treatment of "id", which is done at parse time, a
bit scary.

>>5) Your point #4 is the new feature over DynamicTag as I understand
it. I'm
>>not too sure it's better syntactically than explicitly having
>>several nested elements, each being a dynamic tag of a different type.

True, This is quite correct. The ability may however be useful for some

>>rewrite does add new reflection 'rules', making stuff happen
>>thru reflection. I'm not saying it's bad, I'm pointing out it adds
>>when DynamicTag doesn't.
True, I must admit this is a bit cheeky!

>>Something that I wish Ant added was the notion of 'role', to partition
>> task/type namespace.
There is on-going work on antlib (ant/proposal/sandbox/antlib) which
does something on those lines.


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