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From Tom Copeland <>
Subject Re: The JavaCC and JJTree tasks....
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2003 14:53:39 GMT

> Hmm, Gump still uses the old version, so I guess others will be slow
> on switching as well.

Yup, JavaCC version updates have been few and far between.  Hopefully
the package name change to org.netbeans.blah means that a full open
sourcing of JavaCC is on the way... this possibility has been bandied
about on the JavaCC mailing list a couple of times, but no one's made
any firm promises.  

> If possible we should support both (and I think there already is a
> bugzilla report to that effect, including a patch IIRC).

I poked around Bugzilla for a bit and couldn't find anything.  But maybe
I'm not entering the right query params.  

Anyhow, sounds like you have this one under control... please let me
know if you need someone to do some testing or anything...



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