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Subject RE: enhanced pvcs task for PVCS version 7.5
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2003 19:37:15 GMT
Thanks! I think, I get it now.

Most of the time, I work with the support team to sort any issues, I was
not aware (that's what the support team wants) of the inside details. I
just have looked at the docs for old(just to differentiate from pcli)  pvcs
commands, that goes like this for configuration files....
<pvcs doc>
Version Manager has a prescribed order in which it searches for
configuration files. Version Manager first reads the configuration
file that is embedded in the VCONFIG files (this is usually the
master configuration file).
The most direct way to specify a configuration file is to use a
command's -c option.
If you don't specify a configuration file using this option, Version
Manager checks for a default configuration file (named vcs.cfg)
in the current directory. If this file does not exist, Version
Manager checks for the VCSCFG environment variable, which
specifies the name and location of the configuration file to use.
</pvcs doc>

I happen to have the VCSCFG set in my profile, that is why I did not have
problem with old get, even when I use with promotion group.

Hope this helps...

Chandra Periyaswamy
MPI - Incentives
tie-line: 754-5328

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Apparently there is some confusion around repository and config file. I
apologize for not being very clear about this. Let me explain. By default,
when you create a Version Manager project database a config file is created
in the archives directory. You can see the config file name and location
through the GUI if you right click the project database and choose
"Properties". You can, however, specify a config file to use when you
the project database (in the advanced tab) or at any time through the
"Properties" dialog. For example: I have a local repository that I created
using the defualts ("Create a new config file" in the Advanced tab) for a
config file. The layout is as follows;

Project Database (-pr)
Config file

I have a shared project database that was created with a custom config file
("Use an existing configuration file" in the Advanced tab)

Project Database (-pr)
Config File
s:\configuration files\NOONAN.cfg

In both cases, using get works fine without the -c option unless I am doing
a get by promotion group. When doing a get by promotion group I will get an
error that says "get: Group "CM" does not exist in promotion hierarchy.",
because the promotion model is defined in the config file. So, if I specify
the config file with the -c option, this error goes away and the get by
promotion group works as expected.

So using the pvcs task is no different. Doing a normal "get" works fine,
a "get by promotion group" fails with the error mentioned above. If there
was a configfile attribute to the pvcs task I could use it to get by
promotion group. Currently I can only use it to do a "get the default
revision". Does this make sense?

-Rob A

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Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2003 3:22 PM
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Subject: RE: enhanced pvcs task for PVCS version 7.5

PVCS task works with version 7.5 as is, unless you are pointing to a config
file other than the default.

"repository" attribute is used to point to config location, do you mean
some other configuration files; and as you know this a required attribute,
so no defaults.

The advantage to using "pcli get" rather than
"get" is that pcli is smart about config files, which has been a problem
me with the existing PVCS task.I'm a little new to PVCS Version Manager, so
if there are other advantages please let me know. Of course pcli is pretty
slow compared to the old school "get".

Following are advantages stated by our support team:-

All project teams that have been using the legacy Commands (i.e. get, put)
will need to convert to 'PCLI'. Using the PCLI commands is just like using
the I-NET client or Windows client. These three interfaces update
serialized database files that the PVCS Version Manager software uses.
These serialized database files contain all the information for the
archives.  So if one member is using PVCS I-NET and modifies an item that
modification will appear for another team member that is using the PCLI
commands.  Using the old sget or sput does not update these serialized

1.) Easier/More User Friendly
2.) More Reliable
3.) Provides your team the choice to use Command Line or I-NET Client.
4.)May run a little slower since it is updating the serialized files.

It would be nice if the existing PVCS task had a "configfile" parameter
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