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From "Brett Wooldridge" <>
Subject Dynamic Configurator
Date Thu, 20 Mar 2003 18:46:59 GMT
[profuse apologies for sending that last one in HTML]

Hello list,
   I'm trying to use DynamicConfigurator and am having some
difficulty.  I have a class that implements DynamicConfigurator
and is used to wrap around other tasks, like:
<mywrapper someattr="somevalue">
    <junit ...>
        <yada yada>
Further, mywrapper is being used inside of a parallel task
(it may not matter, but I'm trying to provide all data).
When I run ant, I see that createDynamicElement() gets
called twice for the <junit> element, and further that
setDynamicAttribute() gets called twice for someattr.
Now, setDynamicAttribute() getting called twice is mostly
harmless, but it seems that creating two Objects due to
createDynamicElement() being called twice seems like
a bug.  How can I tell I'm getting called a second time
for a first instance of <junit> or called the first time for a
second instance of <junit>?
I cannot find any usage of DynamicConfigurator within the
1.5.2 ant source tree (ie no "implementations") to compare
my code to.
I put a Thread.dumpStack() inside of my implementations
of those methods, and can provide the stacks for the two
calls (they ARE different) if that would help.
Thanks in advance.
Brett Wooldridge
Sr. Software Eng.
IronGrid, Inc.

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