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From "Christian Andersson">
Subject OT: help with cvs
Date Wed, 19 Mar 2003 11:47:25 GMT
I'm sorry for this of-topic query, but I have a small problem which I 
would hope someone in here could help me with...

the problem I have is that I have sofar not been able to get my own cvs 
to mail out commit-info.. and since I see that it works in here, could 
someone that hav acces to how the cvs does this in here, send me the 
scripts (with any sensitive information replaced with some placeholder 
(XYZZYX is a good one)) and a quick how to install .-)

and if you could reply in private and not to the list, it would be even 
better  ( so that this OT query will not start some new thread...


Christian Andersson

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