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From Scott Walters <>
Subject patch to specify user defined project class
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2003 12:58:35 GMT

I've never submitted a patch here so please let me know if this is not 
the right way.

I've attached a small patch that's become very useful to me.  I used ant 
for a project at work to provide an intelligent controller that ties 
several related pieces of code together.  For this, I found it useful to 
derive a class from Project to provide some shared state & code between 
custom tasks I wrote for this project.  This worked out really great but 
I ran into a small snag when I tried to use the antcall task because 
there was no way to tell ant to create my derived class instead of it's 
internal Project class.  To get around this,  I changed the two places 
in the ant source where Project instances are created to use a new 
ProjectFactory class. I also added a command line option to specify the 
name of a project derived class for ant to use.

Scott Walters

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