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From Ernst Pl├╝ss <>
Subject Re: FixCrLf extension
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2003 13:52:30 GMT
> --- Stefan Bodewig <> schrieb: >
On Wed, 26 Mar 2003
> <> wrote:
> > Although FixCrLf basically does what I'm looking
> for I need some
> > more features:
> > a) checkout all the files with a wrong line ending
> > b) fix them
> > c) check them in
> in CVS speak, you could simply run cvs update after
> running
> <fixcrlf>.  The files with "correct" line ends will
> be the same as
> before, so they wouldn't get reported as changed.
> Review all files marked with "M" and commit after
> that.
> > d) some kind of preview without touching a file
> You could add a justcheck attribute or similar.  I'm
> just not
> convinced that this would be useful in general. 
> <fixcrlf> simply
> doesn't do anything when things are fine.
> Stefan

For ClearCase this seams not to work. With the srcdir
attribute I pointed to the ClearCase view and let
the destdir point to a temporary directory. This did
not work, <fixcrlf> was not able to rename the
temporary file.
After copying all the files to another temp directroy
and removing the read only flag <fixcrlf> was able to
do the job.
After all I do not understand, why this works for CVS,
since the non checkout files are set to read only as



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